Early Learning Centre

In the Early Learning Centre (ELC), children acquire a variety of important skills, knowledge and attitudes that will affect their future participation in society.

A POSITIVE EARLY EXPERIENCE with school is ensured by a dedicated classroom teacher and aide who work with with children at their specific stage of development. Students spend their day learning in the way that is most appropriate for children: through play. Learning is supplemented by specialist teachers in music, art, physical education and Spanish. Our approach is holistic and acknowledges that every child is unique.



Ages 18-35 months


Junior Pre-K

Ages 3-4



Ages 4-5



Ages 5-6



The Early Learning Centre (ELC) follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum beginning in Junior Pre-Kindergarten and focuses on big ideas that help the students understand the world around them and their place in it. Students develop a solid foundation for future literacy and numeracy.

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The IB Learner Profile

A set of attributes developed throughout all ages of the IB curriculum that promote healthy relationships, ethical responsibility and personal challenge.

Play-based Learning

Students explore their environment and learn about the world naturally through play. Play-based learning is a perfect match for a future IB education because it fosters curiosity, relationships, symbolic expression and independent thinking.

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Inquiry-based Teaching & Learning

Inquiry is an authentic way for students to explore and understand the world using play, problem-based learning, collaboration, experimentation and explicit teaching. Inquiry nurtures the development of curiosity to allow children to build deeper understandings as they embark on a lifelong journey of learning.

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Other ELC Features


All students study Spanish, starting in JPK, with 20 minutes of instruction four days per week. The class length increases to 30 minutes in Pre-Kindergarten and then 45 minutes in Kindergarten.


Students explore learning and apply skills with a variety of tools, including technology. All students in the ELC have 1:1 access to iPads in the classroom.


Students can participate in after-school activities in athletics, technology, and the arts.


Through movement, students develop personally, socially and emotionally, as well as physically. The curriculum also supports the development of gross motor skills and swimming ability.


Field trips play a role in linking classroom-based inquiries to the larger community, the outdoors and our environment.


We follow an immersion model for English language learners at this age. Early intervention for literacy is provided as needed.


Formal and informal assessments allow teachers to support and enhance student learning. Junior Pre-Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten students all take the Children’s Progress of Academic Achievement (CPAA), which teachers use to design instructional activities for one-on-one or small group instruction.


Students have the opportunity to explore their creativity and communication in a variety of performing and visual arts mediums while working with visiting artists. Music is taught several times a week.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math skills are integrated across the curriculum and students can pursue these fields in-depth in the Co-curricular programme.


Students in the ELC visit the library every week and learn to choose books that reflect their passions and interests.

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