High School

In high school, we prepare students for university and to make an impact on the world.

Our students develop critical thinking skills and become innovative problem solvers through our rigorous and challenging curriculum. Students in Grades 9 and 10 follow the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP), while LCIS offers both the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) to students in Grades 11 and 12. All graduates earn the LCIS high school diploma and can personalise their studies with the IB course of study that best meets their goals. Read our school profile.

The IB Learner Profile

AA set of attributes developed throughout all ages of the IB curriculum that help members of the school community learn to respect themselves, others and the world around them.


CAS is a framework for experiential learning that guides students through an exploration of new roles. Students must plan and complete a series of purposeful CAS activities with significant learning outcomes.

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Approaches to Learning

Students learn skills applicable across their lives that help them to become more reflective, independent and responsible learners.

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Personal Project

In Grade 10, students develop their skills for self-management, research, communication, critical and creative thinking and collaboration. Students spend six months independently pursuing a passion project with a global context, supported by a dedicated staff member.

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Other High School Features


Students have the option of studying Spanish, French and/or Mandarin. Language immersion trips are also available.


All Grade 9 students complete this national leadership and personal development programme. Students in Grades 10-12 can elect to continue pursuing advanced outdoor challenges with school support.


Research skills are directly taught and students are supported by our professional librarian. Grade 11 students travel to Rollins College to support their research for their senior year projects.


Students have the opportunity to explore their creativity and communication in a variety of performing and visual arts mediums while working with visiting artists.


Meeting for 90 minutes weekly, electives are an opportunity for students to pursue their passions or develop new interests.


Each grade attends a field trip that plays a major role in linking classroom-based inquiries to the larger community, the outdoors and our environment.


Students can participate in after-school activities in athletics, technology, and the arts.


Students are assessed with rubrics and externally moderated exams created by the IB. In addition, students take standardised tests such as the PSAT & SAT. Local students also receive support to take national tests such as the BJC & BGCSE.


LCIS is a one-to-one laptop school that prioritises responsible use and provides access to the latest innovative technology.


A key aspect of the high school model is an advisory group led by a staff member who advocates for the students and gives an instructional context for learning about personal, social and health development.


Students are supported in their application for admissions and scholarships to universities around the globe. The dedicated college counsellor prioritises supporting students in finding their best fit.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math skills are integrated across the curriculum and students can pursue these fields in-depth in the co-curricular and electives programmes.


In addition to focusing on physical activity, our PE programme emphasises health and wellness.


Students with learning differences or English-language needs are provided with personalised learning support.

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