Tuition & Affordability

Our commitment is to provide you with a well-rounded and world-class education that will be the best preparation for your child’s future learning and life.

OUR NON-PROFIT SCHOOL spends over 84% of tuition dollars, or about $7m dollars, on teaching and learning each year. More than half of our staff have master's or doctorate degrees and the investment in top quality education is proven by student results. LCIS students meet or exceed the norms on international or national exams such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, PSAT, SAT and BGCSE.

Tuition Fees Include

All Books %
Parents don't pay extra for books, online learning resources or art supplies.
Field Trips%
Students in Grades 5-12 travel off island for one multi-day learning experience tied to the curriculum.
Co-Curricular Activities%
Over 50 after-school activities are available free of charge to students from 3-4PM.
Technology Fees%
Students have access to laptops, iPads, printers, cameras, robotics materials and tech support staff without additional fees.
Student Spending Account%
A convenient $150 charge account is included for student incidentals during the year.

2018-2019 Tuition

Pre-School $8,400
Early Learning Centre: JPK-K $18,431
Elementary School: Grades 1-5 $23,449
Middle School: Grades 6-8 $26,318
High School: Grades 9 & 10 $26,318
High School: Grades 11 & 12 $28,608

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Affording LCIS

LCIS is committed to making the IB education accessible to a wide range of local families. Our robust financial aid and scholarship programme is unique on the island and supports many Bahamian families with partial and full awards. Award packages are competitive.

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Financial Aid

Need-based awards granted using a quantitative formula based on a family’s financial data.

Close up of student hands playing kettle drums

Additional awards for students who demonstrate financial need and who are able to contribute to the school community in specific ways.

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Occasional assistance with the additional cost of attendance for students on significant financial aid or with extenuating circumstances.

Increase in Bahamian student enrolment
in aid awarded in 2018
in aid awarded to-date
Average award
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