Teachers & Employment

Lyford Cay International School (LCIS) is a vibrant and innovative learning community which welcomes applications from qualified Bahamian and international educators.

We value our community’s commitment to building strong relationships with our students, colleagues and parents. We search globally for the best educators to join LCIS. We employ approximately 50 teachers and 90 total staff across our Early Learning Centre, Elementary, Middle and High Schools. With over 900 applications received per year, LCIS is able to selectively hire staff from a pool of the best education professionals in the world.


All staff have:

  • A commitment to the International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile
  • A commitment to personal and professional growth
  • An above-average proficiency with cutting-edge technology
  • Experience working with diverse groups or living abroad
  • Ability to support co-curricular activities in arts, athletics, STEAM, community service or cultural programmes
  • A willingness to model responsible stewardship of our environmental, material and cultural resources
  • Undergone relevant/rigorous national/international background checks to fulfill our commitment to safeguarding the welfare of children

All teaching faculty have:

  • Full proficiency in the English language
  • A bachelor's degree from a recognised university or college
  • A professional teaching credential or equivalent
  • At least three years experience in a comparable setting
  • Proficiency designing learning opportunities and assessments that balance subject standards and inquiry
  • Experience with the teaching and learning methodology employed by the IB

To be a competitive applicant, candidates should have:

  • An advanced degree in education or related field
  • More than 10 years experience in education
  • IB training
  • Experience as an IB trainer or curriculum editor
  • Proficiency with a second language
  • Willingness to travel with students for experiential learning opportunities

Reasons to Work at LCIS

Teacher with student
Comprehensive Orientation

Once you become an LCIS staff member, we have in place a comprehensive orientation program which allows new faculty to effectively navigate the challenges that come with moving to a new school, whether it is down the road or across the globe. Support and consultation is provided at every step of the process.

Football coach with students at practice
Professional Development

LCIS invests significantly in the professional development of staff, which is one of the reasons many people choose to work at our school. Teachers are also encouraged to expand their horizons by presenting at international conferences, supporting student teachers, continuing their education and working for the IB.

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Staff receive a valuable compensation package that can include medical, vision and dental benefits; retirement plans; housing; relocation assistance; stipends for leadership roles and education benefits for children.

Where to find us

We search locally and globally for the best educators to join the LCIS team. You can connect with us in person at:

  • Local Hiring Fair

    1 December 2018

    Priority hiring for the best and most ambitious Bahamian teachers.

    Find out more

  • Search Associates - Toronto

    7-9 December 2018

    One of the first international teacher recruitment fairs of the season.

    Find out more

  • Search Associates - London

    22-25 January 2019

    The major recruiting event for International Baccalaureate schools worldwide.

    Find out more

  • Teachers' Overseas Recruiting Fair (TORF)

    25-27 January 2019

    Recruiting Canadian-trained international educators in partnership with Queen's University

    Find out more

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